Lighting Consulting

Lighting Consulting

Lighting can be much more than illuminating a room. Used correctly, lighting provides one of the most valuable returns on investment, creating atmosphere, adding character and enriching the experience for both indoor and outdoor venues.

With two decades of custom lighting experience for countless applications and industries, Rousseau Events gives you infinite control over your atmosphere. Our experts will install and program a “DMX” system customized exactly to your needs,
accommodating any lighting scenario from an elegant dinner to a high end night club.

It can be simple and understated or the ultimate over the top design, creating an experience that leaves everyone talking. Your event will live on through viral social media when guests post pics causing their friends to ask “Wow!  Where was that?”

Whether it’s establishing class, enhancing a theme or building excitement, customized lighting by Rousseau Events will create a whole new dimension to your event that all your guests and clients will love.

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