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Julie Gregory of Rousseau Events offer wedding and event planning and design services. Along their journey they have earned a reputation for superior quality, organizing outstanding original weddings and events for 15 years all over the country.

Most importantly, we are passionate about your big day in ways you wouldn’t think an event company could be. With Julie and Rousseau Events at the wheel, things are sure to go smoothly, and honestly, better than you could have ever imagine. Whatever event it is that you are planning, that day is all about you, and we’re here to help you remember that.

It is with great pride that Rousseau Events and Julie are able to be a part of all of our client’s lived for seemingly the most important day they’ll experience. Allow us to show you the way, and help you bring your event fantasies to life!

We offer Wedding Planning and Event Planning services to help you create your special day, Lighting Consulting to help make your day memorable and the top DJ’s to keep you moving through the night.


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