Headlining Bands

Headlining Bands


John Stone Country

Looking for a Headliner.  Look no further than John Stone and the Trailer Park All Stars.
Members: John Stone, Ian Niess, Jarred Vincent, Chris O’Brien – The
Trailer Park All Stars
Genre: Country/Rock
Hometown: Dogtown, AL



Jessie Wagner and Envy

Jessie Wagner and Envy is a five-piece band that successfully combines the elements of rock, pop, and soul to create a unique and exciting sound. Jessie, formerly of chic and current vocalist for Kid rock, Jessie was looking for people to help her develop her musical vision of combining her soulful voice with rock, when she met Kieran Sullivan. Kieran brought to the table laid back, reggae rock and added bit of sly fun to the music. Together they found other musicians with varied backgrounds to collaborate with and help mold envy’s distinctive flavor. Dave Diamond on drums, contributed a jam band quality. Steve Bonacio, delivered a classic, writhing bass feel that reflected the rock gods of the 70’s. Completing the set, James ivory Lewis brought the searing heat of the blues. All of these elements mix together to form the perfect hybridization of music, as well as assembling a formidable rock band.